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  • Stratocaster Pickup-Set "Spätburgunder" - Palatine Pickups
  • Stratocaster Pickup-Set "Spätburgunder" - Palatine Pickups
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<transcy>Stratocaster pickup set &quot;Dornfelder&quot;</transcy>

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Hand-wound pickup set for Stratocaster / S-Type guitars.

Classic 50s Strat sound. Crystal clear heights, bell-like intermediate positions. Defined sound. Low output, perfect for rock and blues.
If you are looking for a good all-round Stratocaster set, you will find it here.


  • AlNiCo V magnets
  • Vintage stagger
  • White caps
  • All pickups are waxed against microphony
  • Neck: 5.6 kOhm / inductance 2.3 H.
  • Middle: 5.6 kOhm / inductance 2.3 H.
  • Bridge: 6 kOhm / inductance 2.6 H.
  • The middle pickup is reverse wound / reverse polarity for hum-free sound in the intermediate positions.