<transcy>About me</transcy>

Welcome to the Palatinate!

My name is Daniel Häfele. I'm the head behind Palatine pickups. I am an active musician myself and would like to say a few words about the idea behind my pickups.

Most musicians are familiar with the subject: the constant search for the perfect tone. At least that's how it started for me. Back then, about 20 years ago, I bought a Mexico Tele. A wonderful guitar, I still play it today. However, not much is left of the original guitar. You swap the mechanics here, a new pickguard, etc. And at some point you end up with the pickups. And this is where things get interesting. The possibilities of influencing the sound of the guitar by exchanging the pickups are almost endless. And after trying out various models, I got to the point where I thought: why don't you try building some yourself ... "down the rabbit hole", as they say in England.

Well, several kilometers later, we have arrived here.
I still haven't found the ultimate sound. It doesn't even exist. Because whoever does not develop any further has lost.
But the pickups that arose from these experiments, which were initially very amateurish, are damn good. And that's why I'm offering them for sale here. I can proudly say that it took several hours of tinkering and manual work. But the quality of my pickups doesn't have to hide behind that of the other products on the market.

So what started as a little handicraft in my basement has now found its way here and I am happy to be able to offer my products here and hope that my pickups give all musicians as much pleasure as I do.