Some information about my pickups:

why hand-wound pickups?

Compared to machine-wound pickups, hand-wound pickups deliver more dynamics, more definition and more clarity. That sounds like advertising speech and voodoo now. But that's because of the way the wire is wrapped around the spool. The machine always winds the wire in exactly the same way. With hand-wound pickups, each person has their own way of winding the wire. That is why a pickup with the same values (resistance, inductance) sounds different from each manufacturer. 
Among other things, these are the reasons why the decision for hand-made pickups will almost always lead to an upgrading of the instrument.

Why (almost) only sets?

On the following pages I offer my "standard models". Most of the models are pickup sets. This has the advantage that the individual pickups are coordinated with each other and you don't have to worry about whether the output of one pickup matches the other or whether there are phase problems if the pickup comes to a "foreign" pickup.
If you are interested in a single pickup, just use that contact form or write to me using the chat function. Together we will then find a solution that suits you.

Why so long delivery times?

Each of my pickups is handcrafted by me. I build the pickups to order, so I usually need about 7-14 days. I am a one-man business and would like to offer every customer a flawless product that has been built with attention to detail and is of the highest quality. That's what I expect from me and that's why it just takes a few days to build. But I think the quality and sound of my pickups make up for the waiting time.
From time to time I also have so-called "one-offs", i.e. pickup sets that I have built and that are immediately available. Or I sell prototypes of models that are still to come or that didn't make it into final series. Just subscribe to the newsletter and don't miss a thing :-)