Pfalz goes Black Forest

Pfalz goes Black Forest

A customer from the Black Forest asked me to build a replica of a Peter Florance TE-50s Telecaster set. Peter Florance's pickups have a very good reputation and the pickup set he sent me for reference sounded very good indeed. "Cloning" pickups is always a difficult task. Often you don't know exactly which materials were used in the construction, and in the end, especially with smaller manufacturers, there is a lot of manual work involved, which in the end influences the sound of the pickup.


So I tried my luck and the customer was more than satisfied with the result. You can hear the result here:

Palatine pickups · Riesling meets Voodo Custom Tele Set

The customer liked the pick-up set so much that he ordered a second, under-wrapped set from me. You can hear the result here:


Palatine pickups · Black Forest Underwound Tele Set

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